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How Many Types Of Sesame White Granite In China?


Sesame White Granite is a kind of natural granite with hard texture and as fine as snow. That mainly used to decorate the dry hanging stone project of high-grade interior wall floor and exterior wall.

There are many uses, which can be used for garden square paving, ground wall decoration, special-shaped, mosaic, carving, window sill, countertop, stepping stone and so on.Yes, Sesame White Granite with very big range use and application, that occupy big market now. That means it is not just used for Asia market, but also widely application in European, Brazil, Mexico, and USA,etc. Then do you know how many types of Sesame white granite in China?

Generally speaking, we know that the Sesame White Granite is G603 Granite from China. The original quarry original from Fujian, and new type from Wuhan,China. Yes, that right, but maybe you do not now there also have about 20 types of Sesame White Granite from China too. Those materials origin from various province, and with a little different veins and colors too. Which is best? that is a not easy question, but the most popular type is Wuhan G603 granite now.

There have Sichuan Sesame White, Henan Sesame white, there also have other types from Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Hebei,etc. So much types, how to choose it? In fact, all those colors with own advantages and special use. When you with special color or vein request, then can check sample before place order, if you just need light grey color in stable quality,then the Wuhan type is still most popular too.

sesame white granite
sesame white granite

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