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How About G603 Granite Export?


The G603 Granite stone as a most cheap light grey granite in the world stone market, that with different colors and various types too. In the China, there also have many types can choose for customers. Like as Original G603 Granite, New g603 granite stone from Wuhan, Dalian, and Fujian,etc. So many types g603 granite types with similar physical data and similar price too. In fact, the Wuhan G603 Granite is most popular and that with biggest market now. How about G603 Granite export from China now? Is there with stable supply?

Just as we said, Wuhan G603 Granite stone is most popular type now. That material origin from Macheng, and that also with very similar color and veins from original type. In addition, this type of g603 granite stone also with very cheap price too. At the daily life,this material often used for produce cheap grey granite paving slabs, paving granite tiles, and prefab granite countertops, granite table tops, and granite wall facade cladding tiles,granite cobblestone and granite kerbstone,etc.

About 3 years ago, as Chinese goverment making enviroment check,make mostly Chinese Granite quarry is stop supply material and closed. With more and more factories and quarries have better situation and machines, that can get good enviroment effect, then those materials are with stable supply now. Similar as other popular Chinese Granite materials, G603 Granite quarry also with stable supply and mostly G603 Granite factories have stable produce now.

Generally speaking, Panda Stone often export G603 Granite Slabs, Tiles to Mexico, Uk, France, Australia and some other popular stone markets now.

G603 Granite
G603 Granite

G603 Granite
G603 Granite

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