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About G603 Granite Business Names


G603 Granite, as a famous and most popualr light grey color natural stone, that is special use at the market. Whatever in Chinese market or European market,USA market, this grey granite stone always occupy big market now. At the same time, this products also can be design and produce in very big range shapes.

In general, every type of natural stone material with some different business names. Especially, some famous stone materials with rich names too. For example, G684 Basalt also named Black Pearl Basalt, Fuding Black,etc. Shanxi Black Granite also named is Absolute Black Granite or G777 Granite,etc. Same like that, the G603 Granite also with a lots of different business names too.

As G603 Granite origin from Jijiang,Fujian,China. Then it is also named Jinjiang White Granite, Bacuo White Granite. Except the origin place name,there also with G3503 Granite from stone number. Secondly, from the looks, we can see this material with light white background color, but with some small fine black grains on the surface. Those grains also same like as sesame,then it is also named sesame white granite too. There also can named it from other items too. The total business names with more than 20 various names.Panda G603 Stone introduced as follows:

Bacuo White Granite,Jinjiang White Granite, Crystal White Granite, Crystal Grey Granite,Balma White Granite,Padang White Granite,Padang Light Granite,Padang Crystal Granite,Moutain Grey,Monte Bianco,Light Gray,Gamma White,Ice Cristall,Gamma Bianco,Sesame White Granite,Padang White,Bianco Amoy Granite,Bianco Crystal,Bianco Gamma,Blanco Gamma,China Cristall,China Grey,China Sardinia granite,etc

Do you understand and know those G603 Granite different names?

1CM Thin G603 Granite Tiles
1CM Thin G603 Granite Tiles

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